how we do it

our three design & development pillars

core classics

Education and development activities with strong links to business reality, – delivered with flair and competence.

Experience and practice play key roles in our approach to developing people. We go way beyond simply helping participants understand theoretical models and tools.

Our portfolio comprises exercises that allow participants to experience both cognitive and emotional challenges and reflect on their own behaviours.

We provide exercises that allow people to experiment with alternative behaviours and rehearse new approaches for a specific purpose.

Case studies, business projects and real work issues provide opportunities to apply learning in the business context.

The common factor across all these activities is our ability to facilitate thorough and insightful debriefs that draw out the learning.

insight generation

Understanding oneself and others is key to development so we deploy carefully chosen analytical tools.

In a scientific investigation it is important to establish both the facts and the unknowns when deciding on a suitable course of action. In a similar way, when confronted with business issues, it is essential to identify all the facts in order to generate a deeper understanding of the situation and your options.

Our approach to working with you is the same. We challenge ourselves, and you, to fully understand your situation and needs. The answers to the challenging questions we ask help us jointly narrow down and prioritise your needs, providing the foundation for shaping your tailored intervention.  

In the interventions themselves, we work with a wide range of analytical tools to help generate insights, including self-diagnostic inventories, psychometric profiling, and team effectiveness questionnaires.  We specialise in giving people ‘food for thought’ in this way to stimulate their development and ultimately their effectiveness.

extraordinary experience

We create and facilitate impactful activities inviting people out of their comfort zone to provide more insightful learning.

We can guide your people through challenging outdoor tasks, or you might choose to go rowing with us, engage in martial arts, meditation or music. Alternatively, you may opt for combining human resource development with your social responsibility agenda and work on a community project.

These experiences provide a lot of fun, bring people together, and provide opportunities for deeper development through the subsequent debriefs where the real value is added. This is the time to reflect, understand, learn and turn the experience into practical personal and professional improvement applicable back in the workplace. This is where our facilitation skills further embed value, guiding participants with competence and care to moments that they both remember and apply for years to come.

delivery solutions

We provide options for delivery that meet the needs of today’s business environment and that consider the differing learning needs of individuals.

Different delivery pathways appeal to different learning styles and suit different situations. We develop and deliver interventions and programmes that balance and address those needs.

Our delivery options include workshops “in person” or facilitated remotely on your preferred platform (Zoom, Teams or Skype typically), webinars, individual coaching, group or peer coaching, video podcasts, and the use of workplace assignments and business projects. Based on your organisational requirements and our expertise in learning methodology, we can craft the perfect delivery solution or blend of solutions to meet your needs.

“dolphinblue provided us with a responsive, tailored and highly effective service which is
making a significant difference”

Nick Channer
Chief of Staff
Wilson James Limited

why us?

We will always look for ways to demonstrate the values that originally brought us together and continue to guide our journey today:


We make a difference, providing impactful interventions combining high quality content with excellent learning facilitation.

Using our breadth of ‘real life’ senior management experience enables us to provide pragmatic learning that can be applied immediately in the workplace. Working with you, we will create genuinely unique solutions.

Integrating the latest thinking about people development and our diverse global experience into the work we do providing extra value to international programmes.

Encouraging follow-up that embeds learning and its application in the workplace and pursuing a policy of non-reliance and sharing of knowledge to support the development of internal teams.


We look out for and are there for each other, our clients and our suppliers, and we always strive to do the right thing.

Understanding and empathising with your business challenges through our backgrounds in operational leadership roles in order to be a ‘critical friend’ balancing high challenge with high support.

Building long term relationships based on mutual trust and working in partnership with you on the value we bring rather than the ownership of materials we provide. We will grant you all assignable rights for the work we do for you.

Providing on-going support for all participants, at no charge, should they wish to discuss anything with us post-programme.

Working as an extension of your internal team, providing a source of expertise, extra capacity and where appropriate, supporting you in fronting any intervention.


We craft the appropriate physical, intellectual and emotional environment to deliver a unique and memorable learning experience.

Encouraging fresh insights, new perspectives and providing an alternative lens to provoke new thinking.

Being highly experiential and creating ‘a-ha’ moments that stay in the memory

Using theories and models to support, inform and provide a catalyst for reflection and discussion.

Our leadership programs would not have been as successful as they have been without the partnership with dolphinblue. Not only did they meet our needs, they remained flexible through the process and throughout execution. When we needed administrative support, they found a way to provide it, saving us countless hours coordinating all of our leadership programs

Ann Parente
Senior Talent Management Specialist