“Working with the dolphinblue team it is like having a full staff of highly skilled, creative, and passionate, development professionals working as part of your team, as if you can walk down the hall and into their office at any time.

They get to know the people, what is holding them back, what drives them forward, and what makes the company move.

They become just as invested in your goals, challenges, and successes as you do. Just like the supportive colleague down the hall, they’re there when you need them to offer solutions, assess challenges, collaborate, and help you reach the outcomes your business desires.

Whether you’re in need of training, team development, coaching, or business consulting, I’d recommend them for it all. “

Angie Gregg. Avangrid Renewables. Portland Oregon.

The dolphinblue partnership supports the development of organisations and individuals, all over the world.

Our experienced facilitators and coaches have backgrounds in business, working in senior roles in HR, Training & Development, Organisational Development, Sales & Marketing and in the Military, across a wide range of industry sectors.















We bring together this wealth of real-world experience with some of the latest thinking, experiential learning, reflection and practical application for the development of individuals and organisations. First through an analysis of needs and then the design and delivery of interventions that stretch and challenge thinking. Key to our success is our guiding principle of Partnership that we apply with each other, with our clients and with our suppliers. We define this as “the most valuable and secure relationship we can achieve with each other” and it is built on the following principles:

  • caring about each other and about our clients
  • doing the right thing
  • constructive challenge – with a smile
  • making a difference
  • enjoying what we do
  • addressing some hard issues as we do it
  • creating the right physical, intellectual & emotional environment

In this way, we build long-lasting relationships and operate as an extension of the teams that we are supporting, providing specialist support and extra capacity where appropriate.

We will create, with you, a genuinely bespoke series of interventions and when appropriate will integrate our global learning, cultural expertise and experience into the work we do.















how we do what we do

We have no predetermined ‘solution’. We aspire to create, with you, a genuinely bespoke intervention and align all the work we do to your organisation.

We integrate the latest research thinking about people development with tested and proven models and approaches.

We combine quality of design with excellent facilitation, and our ability to draw on real-life examples, enabled by our consultants’ breadth of senior management experience and expertise, both operational and developmental.

When appropriate, we integrate our global learning, cultural expertise and experience into the work we do.

We grant you all assignable rights for the work we do, with relationships based on the value we bring rather than the ownership of the materials.

We offer on-going support at no charge for all participants, should they wish to seek our advice after any program or workshop.

what we do















Talent development

We run talent development programmes for a number of international companies. Notably for GKN, Prudential Corporation, Siegwerk, KnorrBremse, and SopraSteria. Typically delivered over 18 months, these programmes contained 3 to 4 development modules, completion of senior executive sponsored business projects, social projects, and mid module coaching.

Other activity includes:

  • Local plant tours and networking
  • Learning Expeditions to local businesses
  • Use of outdoor specialists to incorporate experiential learning activity
  • ‘Executive Exchanges’ where senior company figures meet and talk to participants about their own leadership journey

Leadership development

Our facilitators run broader leadership development programmes at all levels from supervisor and first line manager, through to middle and senior management.

These can take a variety of formats depending on the needs of the client.

For example, 2 and 3-day first line manager programmes, 4 and 5-day residential programmes for middle and senior managers.

To maintain momentum for learning over a longer period we also run multi-modular programmes consisting of a series of short modules separated by several months with activity to apply the learning in between.

Coaching for teams & individuals

Coaching forms a key part of our work, often supporting programmes with built-in coaching between modules.

This is done face-to-face, or remotely, through Skype or telephone.

It adds an important dimension to the programmes, reinforcing the learning and building relationships with individual participants to tailor their development experience.

We also coach senior executives, either in support of top team development or as stand-alone executive coaching assignments.

Workshop facilitation

We design and facilitate workshops for senior teams who are formulating vision and strategy, offering tools and techniques and freeing up the internal leaders to fully participate while we look after keeping them on track.

We also facilitate workshops in organisations where the leadership team is looking to engage their teams in the future vision and strategy of the business.

This is sometimes to gain alignment behind an existing strategy, or to work as a team in identifying what their strategy should be.

Events can be as simple as single ‘away-days’ or a series of interventions over an 18-month period.

Supporting organisational change

With our expertise in project and programme management, and in all aspects of HR, our consultants have been involved in a number of business transformation projects.

These have involved full analysis and research interviews, design of interventions, facilitation and delivery of relevant workshops, regular monitoring, upskilling of the internal team, and drafting of communication briefings for the internal client to send out.

profiling and specific skills development

We are often invited to help teams and individuals to improve their general management effectiveness and gain better understanding of themselves and their colleagues through various profiling tools and delivery of specific skills training.















We are trained and accredited in the following:

C-Me Gordon MBTI Step I & II
Resilient Manager HBDI SDI
Firo B Hogan ConversionTMS

We also use 360 tools in our programmes and with teams. We are trained in various instruments and predominantly use the following:

360Appraisal 360 DDI targeted 360
Kouzes and Posner LPITeam Focus 360Qualintra SA 360

delivery methods

Within our programs we use a wide range of learning methods:

PresentationsGroup Discussion
Case StudiesCoaching & mentoring
Role PlaysOutdoor development
Pre-event readingWebinars
Self assessmentsBusiness projects
Psychometric profilingSocial/community projects
Experiential learningAction learning sets
Problem solving exercisesExecutive ‘fireside’ Q&As
Business simulationsLearning expeditions (to other organizations)

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