Adelaide Barbier is a communication and facilitation expert with 18 years’ experience working at senior level across all range of industry sectors (politics, diplomacy, corporate). She’s been training groups and individual since 2018.

She graduated in 2017 from the MIT u.Lab Presencing Institute and applies its key group dynamics and collective intelligence techniques in her coaching practice.

Convinced that leadership takes its root into relational intelligence, she completed her trainings with communication and interpersonal skills. Her practice is enhanced by her strong connections in institutional, political, cultural, and business sectors.

8 years in politics, at the French Parliament and several Ministers’ cabinets, and a further 5 years at the French Consulate in Los Angeles have provided Adelaide with experience of working on strategic and sensitive projects within highly demanding work fields. She also facilitates numerous and varied workshops and conferences (public speaking, mentoring, advisory board facilitation, moderating events and talks).

Being native French, Adelaide works in both English and French.

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Mitch Smith

Mitch is passionate about development and a firm believer that to truly develop more effective skills we need to focus on the impact that we have, for which we first need to understand ourselves.

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Mark Aspinall

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Andy Giles

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Michael Couch

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Sue French

Sue is the Partnership Coordinator within the dolphinblue team working diligently behind the scenes in administration and financial management. Sue also provides

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Adelaide Barbier

Adelaide Barbier is a communication and facilitation expert with 18 years’ experience working at senior level across all range of industry sectors

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Charlie Welch

Charlie has extensive experience of training, facilitation and coaching experience nationally and internationally in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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Helen Williams

Helen is a professionally qualified Learning & Development Consultant/Coach with 30 years’ diverse industry experience encompassing both public and private sectors.

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Jamie Johnson

Jamie has worked in the UK and internationally for a wide variety of 'Blue-Chip' organisations, working primarily on assisting organisations improve sales performance.

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Kielan Tayler

Kielan’s focus is leadership development. She coaches and supports senior executives globally on a 1:1 basis, builds leadership skills and delivers effective client support

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Piero Vitelli

Before 1995 Piero worked in retail, as a West Indies based yachtsman, a butcher, a professional sound engineer and an actor with professional training in the Stanislavski method.

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Simon Maddison

Simon genuinely enjoys his work, and believes others can find a way to enjoy theirs as well; their own development, and that of the people around them, being a great way in.

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Valentina Danzer

Valentina is a passionate leadership trainer, systemic coach and certified strengths coach with over 15 years of experience.

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